Yō! are you going to answer that door?

Dam, I could lose a few pounds too! Want that feel good back! Get-out from under the covers, and the dog too!

Off season work; Small grounds or large you can easily setup a training and exercise program.  

From Bed to Box to Field

The difference between training or tuning a young bird dog -vs- an older bird dog really depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Polishing up Steady-Wing-To Shot for example is something ALL pointing dogs need to practice, same with honoring and backing.

How you introduce a training or exercise program, knowing your success zones and correctly advancing your training/exercises is important to understand.

There’s always something to work on, what might change is the frequency of training and your passion to “Get-Out from Under the Covers”. 

Put one foot on the ground and guaranteed the next foot will follow. Don’t forget the dog!

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Who’s knocking?

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