“Keep it simple.” You will not need an E-collar or GPS to begin training but you should start looking.

  1. Non static training rope – I make these individually for clients or I can show you how to make them.
  2. One ring safety Collar that fits properly – 1″ Day Glow center ring collar – free ID tag comes with collar. @ Gun Dog Supply
  3. E-Collar – Recommend Garmin – Either a combo unit or keep the units separate – why? good reasons for both setups.
  4. GPS – Recommend Garmin – Majority of hunters use Garmin, you can sync up with other units to help track dogs.

>Recommend not adding your dog’s name to the collar but other information to help ID your dog.

Example of the information we add to our collars:


Daily Meds – Reward



Advanced Training Equipment can get expensive, we are here to help explain most of the tools you will need and should consider.

  • Blank pistol
  • Launchers
  • Pigeon poles
  • Pinch collar – only if required!
  • Different training leads
  • More……..