“Keep it simple.” You will not need an E-collar or GPS to begin training but you should start budgeting. Know the difference between a Tracker  and GPS.

  1. 8″ Non static training rope used for early control & que training.
  2. 20″ Non static training rope used for quartering and extending your success zone.
  3. O-Ring collar properly fitted (high & tight) – 1″ SunGlo O-Ring collar – free ID tag comes with collar. @ Gun Dog Supply.
  4. Durable Throw Bumper to begin early retrieve training.
  5. Whistle to be used for recall que and we will transition to collar tone. 
  6. Tie down stake. Important to begin your training with and learning to wait their turn.
  7. E-Collar – I recommend Garmin – Either a combo unit or keep the units separate – why? good reasons for both setups.
  8. GPS – I recommend Garmin – Majority of hunters use Garmin, sync up with other units (Alpha) to help track dogs and handlers.
  9. Garmin Watch/App – Sync’s with the Garmin Tracker or GPS. Very helpful when hunting.

The proper training rope is an instrumental tool for Bird Dog trainers and handlers. I’ll make these ropes for all my clients or I can show you how to make them.

Tip: The ID plate on the collar can be used smartly to help ID and return a lost dog. Example of the information we add to our collars:

  • Needs Daily Meds – Reward!
  • 602-xxx-xxxx
  • 928-xxx-xxxx

Advanced Training Equipment can get expensive, we are here to help explain most of the tools you will need and should consider.

  • Wonder Lead
  • Blank pistol
  • Launchers
  • Pigeon poles
  • Pinch collar – only if required!
  • Different training leads
  • More……..