‘Realize Your Bird Dog’s Potential’

Personal Training and Mentoring


Welcome to AZPointingDog, LLC

We are located in Chino Valley, AZ. Training bird dog’s and mentoring is a passion for us along with Southwestern upland bird hunting. Our goal is to help the owner with their dog and to advance a pointing dog training program. We share valuable information from decades of hunting with pointing dogs that will build your confidence and test your skills.

Together, we will build a better pointing dog.

Pointing & Bird Dog Training – Arizona Bird Dog, Gun Dog Training

Puppy Introduction, Control & Condition Training

My new puppy

Socialize your puppy and setting the foundation for success.

The puppy stage

Socialize your puppy and have fun! Formal training typically starts at 6 months old but there’s a lot you can do to ‘start’ your bird dog i.e  ” crate training, controlling early bad behaviors, simple field commands, recall exercises, introducing dummy training collars, whistles,  etc”.  Look for opportunities to praise your puppy. Always end on a positive note and outcome when training.

Introducing birds

Critical timing on when to introduce birds and keeping them confident and happy. We typically start with pigeons or bobwhites. You do not want a bird shy pointing dog!

Introducing gun fire

Doing this right the first time is an essential part to building confidence and avoiding future problems. 

Getting your dog to stand

If your dog won’t stand it’s difficult to properly train and control your bird dog. This builds a foundation in honoring/backing and most important STOPPING your dog.  You will learn methods on how to control your dog.

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