Stepping in Wild

The Hunt Each outing the handler needs to assess & acknowledge what they walking into, direct tactical adjustments/patterns, maintain proper field obedience and allow bird dogs to hunt with independence and self-control. After months of training what did we learn?

Where’s Waldo?

Ain’t there yet? Neither is your dog! You’ve arrived expecting to see your dog locked-up and standing strong on birds, but it’s not and the situation is out of control. Why? A common problem and honestly it’s not the dogs

Melting Pot

Arizona really starts heating up in May Hydration is key and knowing the signs of a tired pup. Each dog is different and the handler needs to respect the weather with dog in mind. Train your bird dog to know

Taking it Easy

A controlled, calm and valuable command for your hunt The “Easy” command A recognizable verbale command that’s used when the dog is getting birdy and hunting in close proximity to the shooter. During early training we will introduce the command

Blowing it?

That’s OK some folks still do. Reducing all the noise that comes with it… From Whistle blasts to Tone conditioning and how we transition overtime. We still train pups to recall to a whistle blast, just in case the collar

Under Pressure

No Problem – Early Recognition & Teaching ‘Pressure Points’  There are important contact points on a bird dogs body that should be introduced to simple pressure for early conditioning, training & field readiness. It starts with using your hand and