Blowing it?

That’s OK some folks still do. Reducing all the noise that comes with it… From Whistle to Tone and how we transition overtime. We still train pups to recall to a whistle, just in case the collar looses power or

Under Pressure

No Problem – Early Recognition & Teaching ‘Pressure Points’  There are important contact points on a bird dogs body that should be introduced to simple pressure for early conditioning, training & field readiness. It starts with using your hand and

White Horse

The most challenging ones Hitting Reset A real knuckle head, requiring some special 1:1 time to help advance his trustworthiness & hunting skills. Some bird dogs need more time polishing up these required skills and to command a field with

Makes more sense

Once there’s understanding, things make sense. Training traits – be the ball! Commit to a training program, enhance your awareness and handling skills, adapt to changes, continue to learn and help others. With streaming and the mass amount of information