Stop the Happy Feet

Standing strong without moving is part of our Stage 1 control program. 

Keep pointing dogs from moving once standing:

  • We start with non verbal exercises teaching the dog how to read the handler i.e ques
  • Start small and increase the success zone, providing timely praise and recognition
  • Simple easy pressure along the way; dogs learn no pressure is good
  • Differentiate Stopping pressure with Happy Feet pressure
  • NEVER move while commanding our dog to Stop/Stand
  • Concentrate on the dogs feet and anticipate movement.  

Very important, when your pointing dog is stopped or standing, it should not move until you give a Release command. 

Other control exercises are incorporated like Honoring and Backing, Healing and Release/Casting.

Proper fitted training collar and rope is used to begin, moving to an e-collar once pressure recognition is taught and mastered.

We praise a Standing Dog!

Happy dog just not happy feet!


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