Young Guns Left Behind

Special places, time and hunts that we dedicate to our senior pac members.  These All Stars might have slowed down a bit, might not cover as much ground but are always ready to work a field. Extra precautions are taken and are understood for each hunt i.e. temperature on the ground and time in the field is closely monitored. Distance at time will be measured in feet vs yards and more timely shaded pit stops along the way. 

One pointer is deaf and needs to transition from verbal/tone commands to vibrate only. The other still thinks she’s a cloud of dust and will take on any terrain with no attention to her aging muscles. But one thing in common is the high degree of trust and confidence on knowing how to find wild birds. We can leave the e-collars behind and just track our dogs.

I can’t hear you! Transitioning how we work behind senior dogs comes naturally to all bird dog owners.  

I can’t see you! A time when the nose still works and some of our final hunts are seeded birds in open fields with their favorite rope in my hand. 

Let’s keep these Senior dogs healthy and hunting as long as possible!

AZPointingDog LLC

Senior Moments
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