Pointing Dog Training and Mentoring

Rock Solid Control

Phase 1 – Control Training and Conditioning

We teach a complete Bird Dog program, beginning with control and proper ways to enforce commands. Phase One is all about Connecting with and Controlling your bird dog. Mastering critical commands like STOP, RELEASE, LEAVE IT and RECALL.


Learning how to read your dog and how to apply training exercises.

Nonverbal and verbal command and control.

Ability to STOP your dog in any situation.

Your dog will not move until you command a release.

Turning 180 degrees away from danger or any situation. Leave it!

Correcting any movement when your dog is stopped and standing. Added distractions to enforce standing.

Honoring and backing introduction.

Knowing how to use different stimulation levels to control your dog.

It’s about understanding and defining the building blocks, patience, consistency and mastering control commands before moving on.

Phase 2 – Bird work enforcing steady to wing, shot and fall correcting movement.

A lot of time goes into working dogs on birds, getting them steady and confident. We train in different field conditions (tall grasses, upland terrain, etc.) to increase your dog’s confidence in finding, holding and standing on birds.


Your dog will stop and stand automatically on bird scent and sight without moving until released.

Steady to wing, shot and fall.

Setting boundaries on your bird dog when hunting.

Honoring and Backing.

Correcting and enforcement without shutting down your dog.

Knowing how and what to do when you first start hunting wild birds over your pointing dog. This is very important time for your bird dog and taking time to do-it-right will help you and your pointing dog for years to come.


Mentoring – Together we will build a better pointing dog

Training pointing dogs’ side by side with the dog & handler is exciting and educational. We share valuable training information and real-life hunting experiences that will expand your handling capabilities. Training together with your pointing dog will help build trust and confidence that’s needed when hunting upland birds. 

Controlling a bird dog takes work and we are here to help from the beginning.

What does it take to train a pointing dog and what goals and timelines are achievable. What’s the success zone during training and how to increase this zone.


Kennel training

Water conditioning

Recalling exercises

Training exercises for natural retrieve 

Important commands to consider i.e. Potty, Kennel up, Easy and No Jumping.

Mentors should be helpful, trustworthy and creative thinkers that have a true passion to ‘pass-it on’ to the next wild bird hunter and companion.

Advise comes with a price? NO! we answer your questions to help YOU make the right decisions for your bird dog.