Ain’t there yet? Neither is your dog!

You’ve arrived expecting to see your dog locked-up and standing strong on birds, but it’s not and the situation is out of control. Why?

A common problem and honestly it’s not the dogs fault.

Thoughts & Tips:

  • Most pointing dogs will automictically stop and stand on birds BUT will they remain standing and for how long?
    • If your dog is a big runner and will not hold birds until your arrival. I would suggest setting boundaries to gain control & trust.
    • If your dog regularly busts birds and will not hold point or stand, I would recommend going back to basic standing training and add numerous distractions to enforce “NO moving until released.”
  • Your bird dog needs to understand the Whoa command (verbal & non-verbal) and STOP on a dime
    • When your dog is standing/on-point the dog should not move – there are situations that a dog will creep (stealth mode) to get into better scent zone or tracking a running bird – this is OK – just NO busting or chasing. You need to read situations that requires ZERO movement when standing -vs- allowing to track moving birds. Are you reading your dog correctly?
    • The dog should only move/release when you give it your Release command. Master your Release command.
  • Don’t allow crowding and enforce this during training.
  • Control your dogs range without shutting it down.
  • What are your hunting traits? Does your dog understand and acknowledge your style of hunting. 
  • A GPS or Tracker collar is a tool that should be considered when hunting.
    • Allows monitoring and tracking of movement.
    • Improves your capabilities to control problem situations.
  • What if it’s too windy and verbal commands are not heard or your dog is out of sight.
    • How do you control a dog that you can’t see?

ref; Breaking Bad, April 2022

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