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“Command and Control”

Every dog is different, but every situation calls for your heads-up attention.

“Anticipation is the secret sauce here.”

Focus on your dog and learn to read the situations that will require your intervention and correction, either for obedience, house rules or when you are in the field hunting or training. Also, when you give your dog a first command and if that command is ignored, you better be ready & able to back it up with an immediate and proper enforcement response. It’s not about lighting a dog up, you should never do that, it’s about timing, reaction and the right stimulation level for the moment when you need to correct your bird dog.

Enforcement isn’t punishment it’s learning.”

Our control training teaches the handler how to properly instruct a command, enforce that command (if necessary) and correctly praising your bird dog to help it understand right from wrong. Command and Control is foundational to balancing out any dog and the handler needs to display calmness, body control, being in charge and a consistent commander.

Learn how to apply a control program for your bird dog and enhance your learnings and awareness to what’s going on around you, it takes practice on your part.

Trust me; over time bird dogs learn to be in self-control, you will find that your job of enforcement gradually goes away and is only needed for training purposes and certain reinforcement opportunities. 

  • Tip: Keep your finger on the transmitter button during the necessary situations. A handlers situational awareness, anticipation, quick thinking and reaction time will help your bird dog understand right from wrong more effectively.
  • Tip: a small squirt bottle is the prefect enforcement tool for house rules. A quick squirt is all it takes.

Example: if you are trying to get your dog to stop jumping on the patio door then you need to correct your dog when it’s thinking about jumping on the door not when it’s midair – that’s too late.

When needed, be the quick draw finger, it will make a big difference and your dog will be better balanced.

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