Pups take off and are lost

Crazy thing it happens every year!

There’s a ton of information to weed thru and I would certainly do what’s best for my dogs, keeping them safe ‘lock-up’ during the 4th of July celebration.  Hopefully, the details below will spur on some other thoughts that may help.  Have fun and keep your pup happy!

  • Keep them inside the house with the lights on and a loud TV or radio will help distract from outside noise.
  • Might be time to fix the fence just in case the dogs escape out of the house.
  • Some extra exercise for the dogs during the day – relaxed and tired before the fireworks begin. 
  • Fireworks are not the same as shotgun fire, don’t use fireworks to desensitize your dog to load noises.
  • If you kennel your dog, feed them early and place a blank over the sides of the kennel – use a floor fan to help keep them cool and calm.
  • Every so often give a treat thru the kennel door and praise good behavior.
  • Do not discipline your dog while it’s in the kennel – the kennel should be the dogs safe place.
  • Keep them hydrated, make sure your dog is safe and comfortable.

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Fireworks in July
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