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Early training techniques will help condition your bird dog to hunt in front and not from behind. If the dog makes a move to cross your line (boundary) you need to correct this with consistency. I typically start working a puppy by allowing it to hunt in front as far as it wants but place my side boundaries at 9 and 3. If the dog starts crossing the 9 and 3 boundaries, I will correct this immediately, so the dog recognizes the line you set is not worth crossing. You can do the same with distance but be careful not to limit a good casting bird dog.

Boundaries are important to set, control and adjust.

Parameters can differ based on the terrain you are hunting, time of day or a specific dog that’s on the ground, so in turn you can adjust your set boundaries.

We train to praise the dog that works and hunts in front of the handler and we correct the dog when it’s not.  This all starts with the training rope and consistent recognition as to when correction is needed to get the dog to work in front of the handler and not from behind.


  • You have a good idea where your dog is without worrying to much about the exact direction. I know the dog is working in front and not behind.
  • Your dog will put on less miles if it’s always working in front -vs- doing circles around the handler.

Seems difficult but it’s not.

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Crossing my line
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