No flashing or peekaboo either!

Imagine this; All dressed up in their Garmin best, working the dance floor with good intent, sharp, confident, senses are high and then ‘snap-point’ all locked-up!’ the moment is real. But from no-where it happens, they bust in and steal your dance!

No one likes it; Stealing Dances and the lack of honor that comes with it, most learn early, to hold back with respect but remain very focused, building strong charter and teamwork, especially when dancing with others.

If your dog consistently ‘steals dances’; 2 things 1) it should only happen once and 2) a fight might break out.

Training Honoring & Backing during the off-season is very effective and controlled. Incorporate an All-age pointer into the training routine so your progress can excel. 

Tip: anticipate & properly enforce honoring & backing when hunting, always be in the moment, it’s your responsibility….. show-off that polished backing bird dog!

Using stimulation to enforce a backing dog to honor when training and in the field is ok to start with but overtime, with consistent enforcement and praise your pointing dog should be automatic on Honoring and Backing. Watch for flashing and peekaboo’s especially when running multiple pointers, correct this early!

prerequisite: Who’s sneaking up on me….

See you on the Dance Floor!

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Stealing Dances

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