Where did all those pounds go?

Balancing out your bird dogs’ weight is important throughout the year, but just prior and during bird season it’s especially critical. Packing on the right pounds, maintaining the weight, keeping them healthy and in peak performance.

Consistency in your dog’s diet keeps them happy and healthy. Do your research and consult with your veterinarian on what decisions are best concerning your dog’s health. Everything that is noted below is what we do for our bird dogs, on and off season.  

Added Protein – boiled chicken or white fish as a ‘topper’.

Added Fat – boiled chicken skin, Raw fresh beef fat from the butcher or Bully Max Weight gain (we use this for retired bird dogs).

K9Power supplements are good – don’t overuse this supplement, begin slowly, always watch helping size.

30 days before the hunting season, putting the weight on. If your dog is over weight to start, now is the time to start burning the weight off with proper exercise and nutrition decisions. >Some hunting dogs need a bit of added weight before hunting season.

  • Increase ‘dry food’ amount to evening meal. Added protein and fat.
    • Start with a 1/4 cup extra of dry food.
      • No more than 1 added cup per meal over the course of the season.
    • Added Protein – small amount as a topper.
      • Consider adding protein to every other meal.
    • Added Fat – small amount as a topper to each meal

During hunting season, watch their weight! We start adding K9 supplements to help with recovery after each hunt. 

  • After each hunt we mix K9Power Super Fuel with clean fresh water for each dog.
  • Add K9Power Super Fuel to dinner meal – mix with dry food and clean fresh water.
    • Adding K9 supplement to dinner meal every other day or twice a week only.
  • Add Protein topper to ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ meals.

We will add more chicken or fish (protein) -vs- increasing the amount of dry food to meals.  Also, if you are giving treats during the day, quality counts.

Chicken and fish (check for any bones before feeding).

* When using any supplements: Start off with 1/4 to 1/2 the amount detailed on the feeding directions. Watch your dog and if you since any concerns STOP what you are doing and assess the situation.

Treats should be heathy and protein rich.

  • Keep some in your truck and hand out healthy treats.
  • Fresh carrots.

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