Some do but others don’t

Tactics we’ve used when hunting Gamble quail.

  • You might be moving too fast, slow down and let your bird dog work an area.
  • Wind is not a bird’s friend, use it to your advantage.
  • The bigger the bush the more hiding places for the quail, you saw it go into the bush for safety, where did it go? it’s still in the bush!
  • Ability to turn or recall a dog allows you to bring them back into the hunt without spooking the birds (no voice commands only tones and pressure are used).
  • When a covey takes flight, some birds stay behind as scouts, wait a minute before you bust into that area to find the singles.
  • Ghost calls are tricky to recognize, don’t get fooled, a single bird will call for you and take you away from the covey.
  • Birds will take off and will descent themselves, otherwise known as air-washing. Wait before hunting these birds again.
  • A hawk call (whistle) or a beeper collar can be helpful to pin birds down, switch the beeper collar to a hawk scream. 
  • Take note of the terrain you are in when finding birds, is there something particular that the birds are in favor of i.e. cover, food, roosting trees, washes, etc.
  • Position yourself in the right direction i.e. shooting lane for a better shot.
  • Trust your dog and watch for signs of ‘Getting Birdy’, let the dog hunt but be in control. Great time to use the “Easy” command.
  • Some dogs just don’t work well with other dogs, read your dogs and if they can’t work as a team pick one off the ground.

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