Top 10 reasons for owning a Bird Dog

10. You always have someone to ride with and to blame for those god-awful smells along the way.

9. There’s never a bad outing when hunting wild birds together.

8. Gets you off the couch and into the field.

7. Will forever bring you presents; mice, frogs, toads, lizards and dropped them in the house, still alive! and you say, “soft mouth & nice retrieve.” 

6. You will never need a wakeup call during bird season.

5. They will urge you every morning to take out your hunting pants, boots and gun.

4. Gives you great reason to purchase cool & fancy dog electronics and hunting gear. Maybe even a new O/U.

3. Of course, you need a truck for your bird dog(s), so all your hunting stuff is in one place, and you don’t care how dirty it gets!

2. You will own the ultimate coach potato – especially during the off season.

1. You need more than one!

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Johnny & Junior – Top 10
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