Lightning Strikes Twice

Scout your hunting area and consider the habitat before you put a dog on the ground. 

Here are some simple things to look for and do. 

  • Does the location look promising and does the land support birds? 
  • Are there signs of bird life? 
  • Are there trees for roosting and cover for the birds to hide?
  • Are there washes in the area? Washes are great escape routes for birds, do you see any signs of quail tracks? if so, are they fresh or old tracks?

Work with your pointing dog to cover the right ground by setting the right boundaries. 

  • Trust and follow your dog by working as a team. 
  • If your dog has worked an area well enough then move on.  No need to waste time on already worked grounds.
  • Is your dog just running to run, get control and work your pointing dog the right way.

Slow Down, Stop and Listen. 

  • Your pointing dog is trained to find birds. You can help by slowing down, looking for bird signs and listening for bird activity.

Shoot better. 

  • Seriously! learn to shoot better, 
  • Do you have the right gun and ammo load? 

We offer great mentoring, personal training, coaching for handlers and dogs. We want you to be more successful when upland hunting and we can also offer ways to practice and enhance your shooting., LLC

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