Consistency, Patience and Praise

The most asked question “how do I get my dog to come back to me”. Since we are talking and training pointing dogs, my first response, ‘why do you want them to come back to you? ‘

Recall is one of those critical commands – You and your dog need to master this command!

It’s very important to teach Recall. Over the years of upland hunting, I find using a Recall command can be super helpful i.e, safety reasons, bringing them back into the hunt or it’s simply time to leave the area. As we work on Recall, adjustments are necessary in a training program to condition your dog to return. Recall techniques: verbal, collar tones & stimulation, whistles, etc. Different techniques are used for different conditions and purposes.

Some dogs are natural recallers and others take more patience and training. Remember ‘patience’.

Recall training typically starts at the puppy stage, have fun when doing this exercise. Start small and praise your dog when they are returning.

Choose a verbal Recall command, example ‘HERE & dog’s name’. It’s important when you start training your dog to recall, you should only use one command i.e. Here & dog’s name.

To start formal Recall training a rope is used to control the dog and to bring the dog directly back to the handler when the recall command is given. We will ensure the dog understands the verbal command and is automatic on recall, then we will add different tones or simulation commands.

I will show the handler our training exercises and most of the work is done by you! Train the Trainer.

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