We talk a lot about keeping our hunting dogs safe and away from danger, in this case it happened way too fast.

While running a young pointing dog on wild birds, I noticed the pup working a large prickly pear cactus, stopping all of a sudden, the pup stuck its nose directly into a hole. Next, we heard a horrific scream, jumping & flying thru the air, with one angry squirrel attached to the dog’s nose, we could not believe what we just witnessed.

Did that JUST HAPPEN! Have you ever seen a squirrel’s front fangs!! There was a lot of blood and a very unhappy pup – both went running in different directions.

There’s a lesson to learn when it comes to this critical command and the handlers’ anticipation/reaction. The Leave It command is powerful directive and when you need to use it you should know how/when and be ready to enforce it.

You and your dog need to master the Leave It command and understand the power of anticipation. Anticipation takes practice and working as a team.

Learn more about critical commands you that should master and how to enforce them.

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One Angry Squirrel and Leave It!

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