My Little Buckaroo

Ah, the puppy stage, Training starts immediately! Here’s just a sample of the areas we focus on. Tip: the right puppy introduction is foundational and will help build a better pointing dog.

Congratulations! the years ahead will be full of exciting experiences that you, your family and friends will cherish forever.

  • Get the house & kennel ready – buy a lot of paper towels, purchase a quality ‘house’ kennel and necessary training equipment.
  • Never use the kennel to discipline your puppy. The kennel is the dogs happy and safe place.
  • Nutrition and supplements are critical – Quality counts.
  • Properly introduce the puppy into the pack.
  • Socialize and have fun, practice proper kennel use, house obedience/rules, trust building and no parole tricks.
  • Simple field command introduction, retrieve/recall exercises, noise conditioning and hydration recognition. 
  • Pressure ‘points’ familiarization, proper praise and correction practices, get into a training routine.
  • Patience – typically a puppy has a 3 second or less attention span.

There’s a lot to think about and do, we are here to help!

To cute for school? YES! but class begins NOW!

Thanks, JimB for inspiring me to post this. You mentioned a trainer once told you ‘Not to do anything with your PUPPY’ until you start formal training, NOT!!

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To cute for school!
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