No Problem – Early Recognition & Teaching ‘Pressure Points’ 

There are important contact points on a bird dogs body that should be introduced to simple pressure for early conditioning, training & field readiness. It starts with using your hand and calm praise, applying lite and easy pressure on certain areas of the pups body. You are introducing and conditioning your pup to stimulation and what the proper reaction should be. 

Simple steps and body areas to concentrate on: ……… working (paws, toe nails, ears, nose, mouth, eyes, both sides of the chest, up and down it’s back, tail area,.. ) Our early recognition exercises will be all areas that you will need to touch, poke or attend too during and after a hunt. It’s about your dogs familiarization and calmness when dealing with your bird dog pressure points.  Of course the purpose is to get your pup ready for neck, haunch/belly, ear and tail pressure during training. 

  • On first arrival we begin with having fun with pressure point familiarization, teaching the pup that pressure will be felt and it’s OK – from head to tail. Also, at the same time we are teaching manners with calm and careful correction signs and verbal commands. 


Toe Nail Trimming (most dogs hate it) – Puppy, start with a small baby nail trimmer and a soft emery board to trim the pups nails. When the pup is very tired and not crazy start working the paws and then move to the nails, showing off your nail trimming tools but not using them immediately.  Get the pup use to you attending to their paws and nails with your hands and fingers, don’t make it a game, let them see the trimmer, etc and be ok with it being around.  

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