Loading up the dogs it’s the same straight-up talk/order directed right at you!

‘Keep watch on my pups and don’t come home without one!’  Love you……..

There you go! the BAR is set very HIGH and seems simple enough.

Remember; you have great responsibilities, greater than you might know. Your confidence should be high, trust your dogs and keep them safe. You trained for this.!

Bring home the dogs that you left with:

  • Have control of your dog(s).
  • Track your dogs with a reliable GPS and know how to use it. Fully charge and recalibrate collars.
  • Mark your truck and track your hunt from start to finish (cookie crumbs).
  • Learn to read your dog, keep them hydrated and out of danger areas.
  • Why hunt 5 wire, relocate and find better grounds.
  • Water conditioning your dog is important and can help in many ways.
  • Your first aid kit has the basic necessities and is not expired.
  • In case of an emergency; where’s the nearest town with a veterinarian. 
  • Tell someone or leave a note; what area you will be hunting, who’s going and when you expect to be home.

We have more life lessons to share.

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